Back from exile and my reading list on vacation

This past week I was in Costa Rica on vacation, and while the trip was no doubt amazing it kept me away from a computer and thus unable to blog. However, the trip did give me sometime to catchup on some reading. I was able to rifle through the last four Economists, an Atlantic Monthly and the most recent issue of Fortune. On top of that I have managed to get halfway through Midnight’s Children. But I digress … here are some  articles I cam across from these periodicals that I thought would be of interest to the ThinkChange India community.

From the Atlantic:

  • A son that lets his parents be involved in choosing his bride in India is 11% less likely to marry a college educated spouse and 20% less likely to marry someone who works. The study suggests that since over 80% of parents live with their kids that they select mates for their sons in a way that retains the power dynamic of the household in their favor.

From the Ecoomist(s):