Article on Atlas Corps and Deadline for Fellows April 1st

Here is an excerpt from a Washington Post article on Scott Beale and the Atlas Corps, an organization we have written on numerous times in the past:

His creation is Atlas Corps, which lures highly-skilled non-profit decision-makers from India and Colombia to the United States for a year, running Sept. 1 to Aug. 30.

He concentrates on India and Colombia because he speaks the languages and because they have highly-developed non-profit sectors. They also have a high opinion of the United States, Beale said.

To join this program, go here before April 1st, which is when the applications are due.

[TC-I Call to Action]: Atlas Corps Fellowship

It’s that time of year again – Atlas Corps is seeking fellows for their 2009-2010 fellowship.  This is a great opportunity for nonprofit/NGO leaders from around the world (including India!) to learn from, experience, and exchange ideas with organizations in Washington, DC or Bogota, Colombia.

Atlas Service Corps seeks nonprofit leaders from around the world to apply for their 2009-2010 fellowship positions in Washington, DC and Bogota, Colombia. All expenses are paid in this prestigious, fellowship program, including a living stipend, health insurance, visa, travel, training, and a $2,500 end of service award. Applicants must have 3 or more years of experience in the nonprofit sector, a college degree, fluency in English (and Spanish if applying to volunteer in Colombia), and a commitment to returning to their home country after one year. Candidates from outside the U.S. are placed at outstanding host organizations in Washington, DC including Ashoka, Asian American LEAD, CentroNía, Grameen Foundation, and Population Action International. Candidates from the U.S. are placed at organizations in Bogota like Give to Colombia and Oxfam GB. In addition to volunteering full time at their host organizations, Fellows are enrolled in a management development training program and join a growing network of nonprofit leaders from around the world. For more details about eligibility requirements and the application process, please visit: and watch a short video about the application process here: deadline to apply is April 1, 2009.

TC-I Week in Review

Here are the top 3 posts over the last seven days.

  1. Santhosh’s discussion of cricket teams hiring the Washington Redskins cheerleaders find and train homegrown versions garnered substantial attention.
  2. In second place, another post from Santhosh. This time he highlights the creation of the country’s first social investment management company.
  3. In third place, an older op-ed written by Prerna on the Parle-G Biscuits also was widely read.

Highlighted Jobs, Internships and Opportunities

  1. We posted on a new opening at Unitus for a senior associate.
  2. Acumen Fund is looking for a legal associate.
  3. Also, the deadline for the Atlas Corps fellowship is fast approaching.

Reaching into the Archives

Prerna sometime back took a critical look on migration and its effects on society. Check it out again here.

Reminder: Apply for the Atlas Corps Fellowship

We have covered this opportunity before, but it is so remarkable that it needs a reminder. If you are NGO Leader from India, Atlas Corps fellowship provides you an opportunity to volunteer for a cutting-edge non-profit in Washington, DC. Current Atlas Corps partners include Ashoka, Grameen Foundation, TechnoServe, Population Action International, Global Giving, Youth Venture, Youth Service America, InterFaith Conference and Atlas Corps!

Application link is here. The deadline is 21st of April, 2008.

[Image (c) Atlas Corps]

Atlas Service Corps – Apply by mid-April!


Atlas Corps seeks NGO/nonprofit leaders from India (and Colombia and Ecuador) to volunteer in Washington, DC for one year and participate in their management development training program.  All expenses are paid in this prestigious fellowship program.  All candidates must have 3-8 years of experience, a college degree and be a rising leader in their field.

Apply as soon as possible to participate in this incredible program and be placed at fantastic host organizations like Grameen Foundation, Ashoka, TechnoServe, GlobalGiving, Population Action International and more. Final application deadline is mid-April but people are encouraged to apply early. All of the details are online at

Below find the Mission and Method of Atlas Corps:

Mission: To integrate a global citizen sector in order to create a global partnership for development.

Method: Atlas Corps facilitates international fellowships for rising citizen sector leaders who contribute a year of service to the U.S. These Fellows then commit to work an additional year in the citizen sector of their home country, sharing new skills, best practices, and valuable experience.

Want to learn more?  Email, or call 202-669-4497.