An Analysis of Rising Social Entrepreneurs

Echoing Green released a report with the results from a survey of their semi-finalists for the 2008 Echoing Green Fellowships (which Santhosh previously featured here).  The report reveals the characteristics of these rising social entrepreneurs, with some interesting findings, as highlighted by the Echoing Green Blog:

1) Innovative Models: Almost 30 percent of them were proposing hybrid nonprofit/for-profit organizations – echoing a trend of innovative models

2) Serial Entrepreneurs: A full 40 percent have already founded a previous organization

3) Thinking Big: Half of the organizations they proposed to launch will be on a global scale.

The survey is also shows that being a social entrepreneur is not an easy undertaking, with 30 percent dedicating more than 51 hours per week, even before the organization officially exists.  Clearly, this field requires a robust combination of perseverance, dedication, and vision.