The Tech Museum Awards – March 24 Deadline

The deadline for The Tech Museum Awards is on Monday, March 24. Do you know of any worthy candidates from India?

The Tech Museum Awards is an international Awards program that honors innovators from around the world who are applying technology to benefit humanity.

For example, D.R. Mehta was a 2007 Laureate who created an NGO in India to work with low-income disabled communities. His organization created “the Jaipur Foot,” a prosthetic limb which is now “being distributed for free to millions of people below the poverty line in sixteen countries, allowing them to join the ranks of the mobile and become productive citizens,” according to the Social Innovation Conversations website.

D.R. Mehta won the Equality Award, but there are other categories as well:

Awards are presented in five categories: Health, Education, Environment, Economic Development, and Equality. Five Laureates in each category are honored and one Laureate per category receives $50,000.

The criteria for nominations can be found here.