Moralfibre, Clothing with a Conscience

An Ahmedabad-based business, Moralfibre, is short listed for the Ethical Business award given by the Ethical Fashion Forum. Promoting khadi and making it fashionable for the modern taste, the business offers a new twist on an old practice. The CEO, Shalini Sheth Amin, recognized a market for khadi in the growing zero carbon footprint and clean technology movement. The handspun cloth is both sustainable and of high quality. ExpressIndia reports:

The group has been selling various fashion products, furnishing products and fabric—all hand-made. It is also producing products in wool and silk.

Shailini says that the principle of ‘social responsibility’ has also been taken care of in her business model where 75 per cent of the profit goes to a charitable trust, Sah-Unnati Foundation. The foundation uses the fund to train the artisans in new techniques of manufacturing khadi and to do research on improving the traditional khadi production methods.

More than a fashion statement, Moralfibre hopes to create a new model for manufacturing textiles. The entire supply chain, and the product itself, is constructed from an environmental and social point of view.

The winner of the Ethical Business award will be announced on November 13, 2008.