Process Documentation Training Organized by the Grassroots Institute

All too often development organizations lack the managerial skills necessary to properly document, report, and publish findings associated with their work.  However, equally as important as commitment and passion are the concrete skills necessary to document and disseminate information to interested parties.

In order to address this issue, the Grassroots Insitute is conducting a process documentation training this upcoming April 22-26th in Bajaura, Kullu (outside of Delhi).  The training aims to streamline organizational efficienciency and effectiveness by targeting project/field executives who need the skills necessary to document, report, and publish organizational output.  Included in the training program will be the following:

The training imparts skills of preparing varied types of documents e.g. quarterly/six-monthly/ annual progress reports, annual report of organization, folder, newsletter, poster, manual, photo book, case book, etc. It simultaneously inculcates skills of disseminating documentation in a medium-friendly way. Visual presentation of documents is central to all types of documents. Moreover, during the implementation of development projects various case stories and success stories can not only reveal the processes of execution but also give rise to learning. But these stories remain undocumented due to the lack of necessary skills at the part of organization.  The training program also impart skills among project executives of how to write case and success stories.

To training has been designed specifically for NGO or government executives currently involved in “field implementation and/or documentation of development projects.”  The last date for registration is April 15th, with early applicants given priority.  For more information, go here or contact Mr. Chuni Lal at

Note: Application forms must be sent by post to the address included on the website.

Source: ProPoor