Headlines Digest

We have decided to condense the headlines to be posted once each workday. Please comment here, if you prefer the Midday and Evening posts.

  • Global Warming and Energy: P. Chindambaram speaks on measures taken by India to combat global warming. In similar news, in Haryana the government has granted a 27 crore contract to a company to build a 6MW biomass power plant.
  • Technology’s Pluses and Minuses: InfoDev new working paper on technology in health highlights both opportunities and challenges with regard to medicine. Also, the Ministry of Rural Development has called out state governments to provide transparent and effective means for their people to express grievances to the government. On the other hand, the advent of computer-aided design has made it difficult for Chirala saree weavers to remain competitive.
  • PPP: The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) with the help of the private sector will setup up mini tool rooms to encourage the development of those products that will help small and medium size enterprises work more effectively.
  • Education: The UN will train Indian statisticians via the Internet. Another education article has reported that OBCs have won their 27% quota.

Grievance site for NRIs

From Avashya:

Tasveer-e Hind Foundation has launched Tasveer-e-Hind.com that aims to address grievances of the small and medium income NRIs (non-resident Indians) and forward their problems to the government through the internet.