Evening Edition

  • Outsourcing: Higher-skilled jobs are the next step up from lower-value business process outsourcing and are known as Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO). A Times article features KPOs and discusses how they approach jobs such as legal outsourcing.
  • Health: In its latest budget, the Indian government outlines several plans for increasing health services in the country, including a National Rural Health Mission, National AIDS Control Programme, and a program for the elderly.
  • Literacy/Feature: A Times of India article highlights social entrepreneur Dr. Brij Kothari and “Same Language Subtitling,” a method used to improve literacy among adults and children. An impact study found that by watching a subtitled show 30 minutes a week, along with schooling, 56% of children were able to read paragraphs in Hindi, as opposed to the 25% who only went to school and were not exposed to subtitles.