TC-I Tidbits

  • Education’s Woes and Pros: A new study conducted by UNESCO reveals that less than 30% of schools have access to electricity and only half of them have toilets for girls. In order to address such woeful capacity, the Rajasthan’s state government has signed a public private partnership with UNICEF to expand education across the state — the program will particularly focus on educating young girls.
  • Healthcare’s Woes and Pros: A new report by the UN reveals that India suffers from the highest abseentism rate with regard to healthcare workers, and that these no-shows will likely result in India failing to meet the Millennium Development Goals. However, a more positive story is that a new HIV test can be administered rapidly to pregnant women in rural areas, enabling doctors to administer the necessary treatment to prevent transmission to the baby.
  • Mobile Technology: With the advent of 3G coming to India soon, Bharat Sanchar Nigam (BSNL) is looking to new ways to use the increased speeds to connect to the rural poor of India.
  • Energy: In Jharkhand, the government looks to wind to help power the future of that region.