Discover your inner Social Entrepreneur on the Train

The Tata Sons are starting to be quite innovative in designing their CSR efforts [via Financial Express]:

Tata Jagriti Yatra 2008 will be an inspirational train journey undertaken by around 400 young and enterprising participants, between 18-25 years, from India and overseas, Tata Sons’ Executive Director, R Gopalakrishnan, said in Mumbai.

The youth will participate in an 18-day train journey interacting with social and economic entrepreneurs across the country, encouraging the spirit of social entrepreneurship, he said.

Of course, this is not the first time the Tata Group has taken an interest in social entrepreneurship. Earlier this year, it launched a International Social Entrepreneurship Scheme in partnership with UC Berkley and University of Cambridge [TC-I coverage here].

If you are one of those lucky ones between 18 and 25, you should find a way to get on that train [and may be live-blog for TC-I!]


Mid-Day News Feed: Laloo bhai, Google Docs and more

  • A cabinet committee approves the continuation of the Social and Infrastructure Development Fund beyond 2007-08. Rs. 6000 crore will provided for the fund this year (via The Hindu)
  • Laloo bhai is on the move again, the Indian Railways initiates a $160 million modernization plan. In case you haven’t heard, the Indian Railways success is now Harvard Business School case (via
  • Google Docs is now available in numerous Indian languages. For the unfamiliar, Google Docs is a online office productivity tool – an alternative to Microsoft Office (via Google Docs Blog)