TC-I Tidbits

Your daily dose of headlines:

  • Science & Tech: The Indian government has successfully launched 10 satellites simultaneously to significantly expand its presence in space.
  • Women’s Rights: PM Singh asked local officials to fight the killing of female children by parents, and also turned to the health ministry to develop a grassroots effort to combat this trend.
  • Education & Basic Rights: In Coimbatore, prisoners have access to classes to help them learn how to read and write.
  • Employment and Local Control: Haryana’s CPS argues that the Panchayats should have control over funds allocated by the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. Similarly, Finance Minister P Chidambaram has called for more local banks to reach out to the BoP.
  • HIV and Health: A new study has shown that people in India do not have natural or genetic protection against the deadly virus. Along the same lines, researchers have found that diligent observation of the virus’ symptoms could prove an equally effective diagnostic tool as laboratory testing.