TC-I Tidbits

Here is the daily dose of headlines:

  • Water supply: In Chennai, city officials have made it mandatory that buildings connected to the main water supply install meters to measure consumption.
  • Government transparency: The Central Information Commission (CIC) will now require political parties to make their income tax returns available to the public. Sending the exact opposite message, the Lok Sabha may put forth measures to make it more difficult for the common citizen to access records relating to parliamentary proceedings. Moreover, the Chief Justice stated that the Supreme Court’s proceedings fall outside the ambit of the recently passed Right to Information act.
  • Education: The creamy layer of OBC quotas will likely reflect preexisting norms used for central government employment. Along these lines, children, organized by NGOs, knocked on parliament’s door to deliver a petition addressed to the PM reminding him about the right to education for all.

Evening Edition

  • India-Africa relations: India and Africa continue to take steps to improve cooperation over shared desires to have a seat on the UN Security Council.
  • Health Technology: The first artificial heart transplant in all of Asia was conducted in Bangalore.
  • Voting Technology: Bangalore’s state voting machines will now have the ability to vote using Braille for blind voters.
  • Quotas: The Supreme Court is slated to decide on a law that would establish a 27% OBC quota in central educational institutions. Reaching our limits on this subject, we have another story on quotas. In Maharashtra, a workers union is demanding an 80% quota for Marathi-speaking locals in the private sector.
  • Higher education: A previously planned joint endeavor between Japan and IIT-Bihar has fell through.