Headlines Digest

  • Gender Budgeting: In order to promote the concept of gender budgeting at all levels of governance, the Ministry of Women and Child Development is developing manuals on this topic. This is part of a larger movement to address gender specific barriers.
  • Education: Proctor & Gamble’s global philanthropy program, “Live, Learn, and Thrive” has partnered with Child Rights & You to launch Shiksha 2008, which will look at education policies, create awareness for better school facilities, and work to enroll more children.
  • RTI: A penalty of 13 lakh is imposed on over 120 public information officers who did not comply with the Right to Information Act. According to the Chief Information Commissioner, the government is unable to keep up with the fast pace of public demand for information.
  • Energy: According to the Emerging Economy Report released by the Center for Knowledge Societies (CKS), India is the most energy efficient country among leading Emerging Economies, including Brazil, China and South Africa. [Source: Business Wire India]