Remote Blogging: Skoll Forum 2008 – Measuring Impact

Impact assessment, performance metrics, social impact – these terms are gaining increasing traction in the social entrepreneurship sector, specifically in the context of sustainability and effectiveness.  In the session entitled, “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, What’s the IMPACT of This All?”, covered by the Acumen Fund blog, panelists discussed the purpose of impact assessment, asking critical questions such as:

Who are the real audiences for impact assessment efforts? Who really cares and is it worth the bother? What happens in practice when social entrepreneurs are systematic about measuring impact? How does this lead to organisational learning, increased impact and innovation, or to greater resource mobilisation?

In response to these questions, Dean of the Rotman School of Management established a framework for impact assessment with the the following three P’s: “positive, precision, and pluralist.” (more after the jump) Continue reading