A Look Back on the Week

To help our readers better digest the prolific number of posts that appear throughout a given week, the ThinkChange India team will be providing weekly recaps on what posts garnered the most interest and also we will highlight some older posts that we feel deserve to be featured again.

From Sunday to Sunday — The Top Posts of the Week

  1. Santosh wrote on the development of a new social capital exchange. (62 views)
  2. A post by Prerna on For Love of Water (FLOW) enjoyed the second spot this week. (40 views)
  3. Shital’s reporting on women barefoot solar engineers also got much attention this week. (31 views)

Highlighted Jobs, Internships and Other Opportunities

  1. SKS Hyderbad is soliciting applications for a summer intern and Program Director. (31 views)
  2. An internship for Source for Change also gained noticeable attention this week. (30 views)
  3. Another post on an essay competition on climate change and health also received some focus by our readers this week. (29 views)

Reaching into the Archives

In this section we will link back to an older post that we believe deserves to be featured one more time.

Fresh off of the launch of ThinkChange India, Vinay wrote an Op-Ed on the value of having both arrogance and humility with regard to being a social entrepreneur. The post originally was published on March 3, 2008. (106 views)

We hope that these weekly recaps will help you better navigate our site and to make it even easier for our readers to keep up with everything exciting that is going on in India. Also, as always, we encourage all of you to keep commenting and participating as that is the best feedback to make sure we are doing a good job.


The ThinkChange India Team

Midday Newsfeed

Some titillating headlines:


  • Whole Planet Foundation (WPF), a Whole Foods Market nonprofit that “empowers individuals in the global community through entrepreneurship” recently announced the creation of the Whole Planet Foundation Supplier Alliance for Microcredit (WPFSAM), a coalition of natural foods companies that aims to support the financial endeavours of WPF. The WPFSAM Alliance has pledged USD 1.05 million over three years to fund microcredit programs in developing countries, including the Grameen Trust in Costa Rica, Guatemala and India; Fundación Adelante in Honduras; and Pro Mujer in Nicaragua.” (Source: Microcapital.org)
  • Related to an earlier post regarding social capital exchanges, Credit Suisse “will launch in the coming weeks an index that encompasses social responsibility criteria in addition to strong valuation and performance characteristics. The index will be composed of stocks that rank highly on both social responsibility criteria and financial ratios.” (Source: Microcapital.org)

Government regulation/programs:

  • The UP government has placed a ban on the construction of liquor stores in and around areas inhabited by the Dalit population due to the reported connection between alcoholism and illiteracy, both of which have been cited as problems in the Dalit community.
  • The Highways Department is developing a “Road Management System that would include a ‘Road Asset Information Database’ of the core road network and a computerised Pavement Management System (PMS) to enable more efficient planning.”
  • Following recommendations from the National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganized Sector, the Central government is devising a health insurance scheme that will cover the entire BPL population of 30 crore.

Health Research: