Intellecap’s Indian Development Gateway partners with Srijan

In what appears to be a natural marriage, Intellecap (featured on TC-I numerous times here) has created a partnership between two of its programs. Intellecap, whose goal is to leverage innovative business solutions for low-income markets, held last week the third annual Srijan (Sanskrit for creativity) Business Plan Competition. Recognizing that many of these ventures will need funding to scale, Intellecap has deftly provided the resources of its Indian Development Gateway (IDG) — a portal for the “dissemination of an entrepreneur’s business plan, which the IDG rates based on the plan’s strengths and weaknesses. Investor’s also have accounts on the portal, through which they can view the entrepreneur’s business proposals and initiate investment.” (

Intellecap is an organization that is actively looking for unique and effective approaches to addressing the missing middle and creating means for entrepreneurs to achieve the necessary funding to expand their services. Keyzom Ngodup, who works at the organization, has blogged for us in the past on various ventures that Intellecap has taken and the risks and rewards that have resulted.

The Srijan B-plan competition along with the IDG are two of the many great things that this organization has continued to do. Go here to check out webcasts of the event last week, and if you are interested in learning more about the entrepreneurs, click here to go to the IDG website.

Srijan Microfinance Business Plan Competition

Intellecap, a leading development finance consulting company, partnering with Aavishkaar Goodwell, is holding a microfinance business plan competition with application due March 15th. Srijan, which is in its 3rd year, is aimed at broadening the use of microfinance within the financial services sector. The website describes the competition as —

The last two years has seen the competition become synonymous with entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and innovation in the microfinance sector. Srijan has witnessed an immense response from MFIs, NGOs, educational institutions and young entrepreneurs all over the country. Appreciated as a unique and much required effort, the competition not only showcased the most effective and sustainable concepts but also acted as a forum for greater experience sharing, investor link ups and business networking.

Srijan in its third year, looks at expanding its outreach and aims at selecting motivated entrepreneurs, capable of addressing the above challenges and building companies that will transform the sector and accelerate its integration into mainstream financial services.

Details over the eligibility criteria, dates and other information can be found here.