Various Trainings/Workshops – CSR, Participatory Learning, and Livelihoods Promotion

We thought you might find the following trainings/workshops of particular interest. If you happen to attend any of these events, please let us know how useful you found them to be:

1. Workshop on Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility, 24-25 April, Chennai

The programme will help participants to increase their awareness of the CSR and its various components. They will also learn how to design their programmes keeping in mind the interests of the company’s stakeholders, including employees and local communities, and enable them to make value added contributions towards building the company’s brand image and reputation.

The registration deadline for this workshop is April 15th.

2. Training Programme on the Techniques of Participatory Learning and Action (PLA), 26-31 May, Bangalore

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Training: “Identifying and Mentoring Micro-Entrepreneurs” – May 6-8th, Delhi


Parivartan announces a training programme on ‘Identifying and Mentoring Micro Entrepreneurs’ from 6-8 May 2008 at Delhi. The training programme shall introduce the concept of entrepreneurship and highlight strategies for identifying and developing entrepreneurial skills in micro entrepreneurs.

Training Outcomes:

  • Enhanced knowledge of traits and characteristics associated with entrepreneurs
  • Enhanced understanding of techniques used in identification of these traits
  • Enhanced understanding of processes involved in enterprise conception and initiation

Who should attend:

The programme is designed for operational and middle level functionaries, practitioners and consultants involved in designing, implementation and mentoring of entrepreneurship and enterprise promotion interventions.

    For more information contact Amrat Singh at

    Certificate Programme in Resource Mobilization and Communication

    Related to the below post regarding process documentation, another critical skill necessary for the sustainability of any non-profit organization is the ability to mobilize local resources – financial, human, intellectual, or otherwise.  Currently, non-profit organizations in India are heavily dependent on international organizations for garnering necessary funds, a trend that must be supplemented with the local infusion of resources in order to ensure organizational viability. 

    In response to this issue, the Resource Alliance, in collaboration with the Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA), has recently launched a 15-day Certificate Programme in Resource Mobilization and Communication for non-profit organizations (9-24th April, 2008 in Ahmedabad or 1st-15th May in Bhubaneshwar, sponsoring organization Xaviers Institute of Management).  The aim of the Programme is to enable organizations to “identify a range of potential sources appropriate to their context and devise an effective resource mobilisation strategy that is consistent with the values of the community and sector of which they are a part.”  More after the jump. Continue reading