Quarter billion internet capable phones by 2010

Previously we wrote about how India is positioned to have the 2nd most mobile phone users behind China. Well now, ThinkChange India has discovered some better statistics underpinning this trend. According to WATBlog.com, 250 million Indians will have internet capable cell phones by 2010. The article continues to breakdown the user base even further. The post estimates that:

  • 60 million people will be able to watch video on their phones
  • 100 million will be able to listen to music
  • 200 million will have radio capability
  • 250 million will have built-in cameras

The article also was cautious to note that simply having such capabilities will not mean much unless the actual data usage plans to utilize such features are affordable to this consumer base. Nevertheless, we have seen the push to utilize mobile phones as the primary platform to reach the BoP market, and so such stats are promising.

Text 5676775 for AB+ … seriously

Here is an amazing application of mobile technology.

Initially started as a normal website www.indianblooddonors.com offering blood donors and recipient a place to exchange blood, a new service has been added to this website. Thanks to a newly activated service run by Nagpur based Khushroo Poacha, getting a Unit of blood is just an SMS Away.

Given the spotty internet coverage of India, Indianblooddonors.com recognized that the best way to reach people in need was through the mobile phone. Watblog.com explains how it works:

When a patient needs blood, he has to send an SMS to 5676775 in the format

Type blood <space> STD Code <space> blood Group <space> Name

The patient will get a donor’s name with his contact details.

Simultaneously an SMS will be triggered by the system and an alert will be sent to the donor with the details of the patient for co-ordination.

Donors can register by sending an SMS to 5676775 in the format

Donor <space> City STD Code <space> blood group <space> Name

The service currently has over 45,000 donors and is free!

Point of Discussion: Will rural India embrace social networks?

An interesting post on Watblog.com, which came to my attention via Avashya, asks the question: How Will Rural India Deal With Social Networking? It is a very intriguing question to ruminate about as more and more technologies aim to connect the rural populations with the remainder of the country. The article takes a very systematic approach to this and breaks the issue down along six criteria, which are pasted after the jump:

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Infosys to help farmers with supply chain management

 From Watblog.com

The solution, basically a supply chain management system (SCM), streamlines the supply of primarily fruits and vegetables from the farmers to the retailers, known in India as Mandis. The application takes care of a lot of aspects ranging from profiling of farmer clusters, scheduling, tracking, and traceability.