Midday Newsfeed

Some newsworthy headlines of interest:

  • Entrepreneurship: Himachal Pradesh to adopt an open door policy to encourage entrepreneurs to work within the state. In a similar effort to attract more high tech companies, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) approved a plan to create Information Technology Investment Regions (ITIRs).
  • Women’s Rights and Security: The Indian Border Security Force will begin enlisting the help of women to patrol the country’s borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh — initial duties will include frisking and the monitoring of drug and human trafficking.
  • Water resources: Scientists have called for better monitoring of the Himalayan water sources — or natural water towers — that provide H2O to millions of people in Asia. Locally in Tamil Nadu, the controversy over the Hogenakkal project has heated up as celebrities have started a fast in protest. The local government continues to emphasize that this project is solely focused on the provision of drinking water. Protestors have also sought the help of PM Singh himself to intervene.
  • Agriculture: Haryana Agriculture Marketing Board will setup mandi level committees to help streamline procurement. However, at a national level, an ongoing tussle amongst ministries over fertilizer may substantially hamper the ability for India to increase output overall.
  • Telecom regulation and automation: A new allocation of a telecom spectrum has begun, with Shyam-Sistem the first awarded. In other news, the government of Bihar has chosen to embrace technology through the automation of their transportation department.
  • Government compensation: An effort to have a new panel for pay of MPs has been shot down.