Infosys to help farmers with supply chain management


The solution, basically a supply chain management system (SCM), streamlines the supply of primarily fruits and vegetables from the farmers to the retailers, known in India as Mandis. The application takes care of a lot of aspects ranging from profiling of farmer clusters, scheduling, tracking, and traceability.

4 Responses

  1. It is great to know that INFOSYS is thinking of helping farmers by providing solutions on Supply Chain Management. I am an agriculture graduate with management qualification. I have been currently working for a world bank assisted project in the state of Karnataka to help farmers understand the importance of Supply Chain Management and linking them with front end that is organized retailing. I would be happy to associate with you.

  2. Thanks for the response. If this is an area where you feel some level of expertise, we would love to have you write a guest post. What are you currently doing for the summer? Do you have an internship or doing research that you would like to write about?

  3. Very well versed described.
    This is good thinking by INFOSYS that to helping farmers by providing solutions of Supply chain management .The solution successfully minimizes inventory requirements, reduces waste and allows retailers and farmers to be better integrated.

  4. I am from nasik (maharashtra) i am interested this

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